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Contingency Search

In a contingency search, we will work with you to design a search that meets your needs. We get paid when a candidate that we refer to you is offered a position, accepts and we have successfully walked them through resignation. While this search does not reflect the partnership or exclusive nature of the retained search (you may interview candidates through other sources and we may send the candidate to other banks), we will draw on our 30 years of experience in financial service recruiting and our 60,000 resumes that are not a result of job boards but good old fashioned word of mouth. We will work closely with you throughout the process of candidate recruitment, assessment, and hiring. Contingency search is best when you are looking to fill line lending or staff positions where we are more focused on local candidates that will not require relocation.

York Retainer

We offer a Retained search that is geared toward C-Level Searches and urgent specialized searches. Our retainer is very straightforward. We charge 1/3 of the fee at the start of the search, 1/3 midway through the search and 1/3 upon completion of the search. We ask for exclusivity. With our retained search, you will have an onsite visit by our company President to initiate the start of the search and to complete a thorough organizational review.

  • We understand that your perfect candidate must match your culture in more ways than a simple job description can express.  By personally visiting your facility we gain a complete appreciation for your unique needs and work environment.
  • In depth personal interviews with all parties involved in the hiring of the C-Level position.  This includes but is not limited to the direct report, other C-Level peers, board members and when possible key direct reports. The more information we can gather about your culture, business philosophy, personalities and how you interact with one another, the better we are able to sell your personal story and attract your star.
  • From our in depth interviews, we design specific quantitative and qualitative interview questions that form the bedrock of our high priority search.
  • We design a personal timetable for your search.  On average a typical nationwide search takes 90 days; a statewide or contiguous state search typically takes 60 days start to finish. The smaller the net that we cast the quicker the fill time.
  • 96% Success Rate

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“Like so many industries, including ours, there are firms that are better than their peers; I have found this to be the case with York & Associates.  Our most important asset is our people and York & Associates has helped increase the value of those assets.”

Charlie ~ President, Atlanta